My language, my awakening!

- Maori proverb


“Ónonojò wa, wọ́la-ùlẹ̀.”       Our guest, you’re welcome.
“Agba-oo, náagò.”              Hello, thank you.

Please, this is what we do here:
⦁ Kà (speak) Igáláa.                   ⦁ Kọ (write) Igáláà.                    ⦁ Kọ́ (teach) Ígáláà.                    ⦁ Kà-omù-ọ̀gwù Igáláa          (Speak a cultural  tongue).

The name ‘Kigala,’ lends itself to different interpretations, which, incidentally, translate to the core mission of, which is to mitigate the endangerment of our mother tongue, while working hard to avert its eventual extinction. It is, however, sad to note that Igala is not studied in pre-primary and primary schools, where it matters most. It is scarcely used in written communication, either; and it is pathetically under-documented, whilst it is shedding its native speakers, most of them the children and youth populations, at alarming pace.

The website sets out to reverse this disturbing trend; and, in so doing, it will, for a start, rely on my book, titled: An Igala-English Lexicon: A Bilingual Dictionary with Notes on Igala Language, History, Culture and Priest-Kings (2014).

It discusses the properties, grammar and critical characteristics of Igala language and introduces tone, an integral feature of a tonal language, which had been ignored since the beginning of Igala writing in 1932.

The lexicon/dictionary section contains over 5000 headwords and thousands of derivatives; while the Postscript bears  snippets of Igala history, dynastic rules and biographies of Igala’s many kings as well as its numeral (counting) system.

The e-book format of the 750-page book in question is now on sale at an affordable, rock-bottom, price and can be downloaded to your smartphone and/or personal computers (PCs). For enquiries on mode of purchase, please, call 08031487312 or 09082363142. Or simply drop a message at

As an incentive to  our visitors and subscribers, urging them to participate in the Igala writing activities we would be having online. For that purpose, we have domiciled a customized Igala keyboard layout on this website, for interested visitors to download to their personal computers (PCs). In fact, the continued lack of this vital resource has hampered the development of Igala language these past decades. Now is the time to make up for that loss, to revive the Igala writing culture among our people so that, once again, we can communicate in writing and spell Igala words exactly as they pronounce them.

Finally, the point needs to be stressed that the e-book of An  Igala-English Lexicon and the Igala keyboard layout both target the legion of Internet-savvy Igala youths, saddling them with the responsibility to transmit the Igala language and culture, undiluted, to the next generations of Igala speakers. 

For us at, it is work in progress, as there is so much work to do. Join us to make the desired impact. Again, to our guests, we say : “Náagò.” (Thanks).

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