Igala Keyboard Layout


The 31-letter Igala alphabet is made up of 7 vowels (a e ẹ i o ọ u) and 24 consonants (b, ch, d, f, g, gb, gw, h, j, k, kp, kw, l, m, n, ñ, ñm, ñw, p, r, t, w, y). These vowels and consonants, as well as other supportive features, are etched into the Igala keyboard layout  designed to enable the writer to spell Igala words and also to mark the tones that occur in syllabic units in written words.



Multi-lingual keyboards place accents and special letters only on punctuation keys, so as not to interfere with letters required by English. This way, borrowed words or proper names can be typed in vernacular text without switching from one keyboard layout to the other. Unless, otherwise, indicated, accents are typed after the letter they modify. Where a punctuation key has been altered, the original value is typed by holding down the RIGHT-ALT(on Windows) or one of the OPTION keys (on Macs) and hitting the punctuation key.



Download Instructions

Igala 1 Keymap (pdf) Download for Windows
Igala 2 Keymap (pdf) Download for Windows


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